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Happy Fall

This time of year always has a contemplative feel to it. It's hard to believe I've been selling knives and smokes for 15 years now, but with my twenties in the rear view and my forties quickly approaching I guess it's true! It's been such a wonderful gig for me. I feel so lucky to be able to work and live in my hometown with my friends and family.

Salida, CO is a pretty special place and fall is a fantastic time to visit. So, if you're up for a trip come visit our physical store! We'd love to have you! I went soaking at the hot spring last weekend- ah- nothing better. There are plenty of fun adventures you could find here other than shopping at my store! Soon you could be sliding on snow at Monarch Ski Area.

Fall makes me thankful to be where I am and looking forward to cooking up hearty meals this winter. & Guess what makes that more fun? Sharp Knives!

Check out our Wusthof Flier Special. Hope to see you in the store soon!

Wusthof Holiday Flier Specials 2017